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Benefits of Mobile App Development for Businesses

Mobile App Development

Over the years, mobile phones have gone from being just a means of communication to a critical part of how people live. Advances in technology have changed the way people interact with it, and mobile phone usage has skyrocketed continuously in recent times.

Mobile phones give users the ability not only to call and text, but also to get places, bank, shop, and so much more. At least half of the global population use smartphones, and with that comes a higher demand for easy, quick ways to do everything. Investing in mobile app development is a critical way to connect with this market.

The benefits of building a mobile app are not just limited to keeping your business relevant in the ever-evolving technological sphere. There is so much you can gain by working with experts such as the KWD team to get a premium-quality mobile app, so let us take you through some of those advantages now.

1. Strengthen your brand

You do not need to be a large enterprise to benefit from having a mobile app. Many of our clients at KWD are small to medium-sized businesses that understand that having a mobile-friendly version of their website is only the beginning of a successful mobile presence. Build familiarity, trust, and credibility with a customised mobile app, and ultimately strengthen your brand.

2. Get insights about your customers

Mobile apps can include features that can be tailored to whatever preferences your customers have – which you can then analyse to choose how to grow your business. For example, by investigating the features that customers use the most, you can collect critical data that can inform future marketing campaigns.

3. Returns on your investment

Working with a professional mobile app company will ultimately bring you significant returns on your investment. With ads that target in-app purchases, you can make money off your app. Plus, apps help you cut down on the costs of marketing campaigns and save you money within the business. A great mobile app has the potential to:

  • Increase engagement among employees 
  • Improve employee communication
  • Cut down workloads
  • Streamline data

All of the above can significantly boost employee efficiency and save you money long-term. 

4. Essential marketing tool

A mobile app is a fantastic addition to your marketing toolbelt. From the app, you can make the most of specialised messaging, team information, contact information, as well as campaigns and contests. You can brand everything with your company name to further strengthen your presence. All of this helps you leverage effective frequency, which is a phenomenon where the more customers recognise your brand or engage with your app, the more likely they are to trust your brand and invest in your business.

5. Make your business available anytime, anywhere

Without an online presence, access to your business is limited by location and time of day. With a mobile app, customers can access your products and services 24/7, from anywhere with an internet connection – sometimes, even without one. 

Apps are also far more convenient than websites for customers to access because they provide targeted information and messaging. Any time of the day, customers can get their questions answered and find the information they need without talking to salespeople or trawling through search engines. That convenience is highly valuable to customers and helps establish your brand as a reliable resource that your customers can trust.

6. Strengthen relationships with your customers

According to Statista’s study on the share of time spent on retailers’ mobile apps vs websites among internet users:

  • The majority of customers prefer online shopping via mobile to save time
  • Most people who have a smartphone prefer apps compared to websites

This study was conducted in 2019, and the number of mobile app users has only increased since then. Clearly, custom mobile apps are important to customers.

With an app, your customers can get easy, fast access to your business without waiting for your website to load. Made the right way, your app can deliver the information your customers want about your products and services instantly. Further, through the use of app-only campaigns and deals like rewards programmes, you can encourage better engagement with your customers and strengthen your relationships with them. 

How to get a top-quality custom app

Are you looking to build a premium-quality, customised mobile app for your business? At KWD Apps, we have spent the last ten years helping thousands of our clients digitalise their businesses and improve the customer experience.

We offer full-service solutions that support you through the full lifecycle of your app. From the initial development to future support, updates, and upgrades, we will take care of your app every step of the way.
Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.