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How To Optimise Your Mobile App For Better App Store Rankings

Even if you have an incredible mobile app created by a top-notch mobile app development team, you might have a hard time getting it out there if it’s not optimised for the app store. This is why everyone with a developed mobile app needs to understand the importance of app store optimisation.

Well-designed and well-made apps are more likely to show up on the app store, and they’re more likely to catch your audience’s attention and garner more downloads and positive reviews. 

What Is App Store Optimisation?

App store optimisation, or ASO, refers to enhancing your app so that it appears appealing and interesting to both the app store’s algorithm and anyone who views it. 

This can involve altering your app’s title and app store description, and it can also include altering your app itself. 

This process is crucial if you want your wonderful new app to be successful because it can:

  • Get More People To View Your App. The first step to getting someone to give your app a chance is getting them to tap on your app in the app store. You need to make your app as appealing as possible so that people are interested enough to read more. 
  • Get More People To Try Your App. Getting people to click on your icon is only one step; the next is to get them to download it. If you’ve made a case for yourself, more people will download your app and try it themselves.

Simple Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Mobile App’s App Store Ranking

How can you optimise your app? Don’t worry; the process is simple, and doing so effectively can have incredible results. 

These straightforward steps can greatly impact your mobile app’s app store ranking. A fantastic mobile app development team can complete all of these points successfully for your app:

Target The Right Keywords. A big part of SEO, whether you have a website or an app developed, is targeting the right keywords. Choose keywords relevant to what your business does and what your app is about. 

If you’re having trouble, your app development team can help you with your ASO and keyword research. Think about the types of words and phrases you would look up if you were searching for an app that does what your app does. 

Once you’ve determined the right set of keywords that you should hit with your app, you can use these words in your app’s title, description and content. 

Create An Intriguing Title. You should try to create an interesting title that gives your audience some insight into what your app does. People who have never heard of your app before should be able to glean some information from your app’s title and images. 

Write An Engaging App Description. Use the keywords you’ve found from keyword research to write a fantastic app description. Your app should tell your readers what it does and what they can expect from giving you a chance. 

Remember not to make your description too long-winded; keep your words effective and concise. Try to sell your app effectively!

Use Great Visuals. Awesome visuals with gorgeous colours and beautiful imagery can really capture the hearts and minds of your viewers, even if they’ve never heard of your New Zealand business before. Choose pictures and screenshots from your app that show what your app has to offer. 

Many mobile app developers like to use a mix of interesting infographics and direct screenshots from the app for your app’s displayed images. You can use photos, screenshots and videos to your advantage. 

Remember that it’s extremely important to accurately represent your app with your visuals. No one likes apps that appear to be one thing but are an entirely different thing once downloaded. 

Encourage Ratings And Reviews. The first thing many of us look at when looking for helpful new apps is customer ratings. Thousands of positive ratings and reviews are likely to sway people on the fence. But, no reviews or few reviews can be suspicious. 

So, you can encourage ratings and reviews by having your mobile app development team program prompt boxes into your app for ASO purposes. Think about boxes that pop up and say, ‘Enjoying our app? Leave us a review!’ with the option to go directly to the app store to leave a happy review.

Try to have these prompts placed in strategic positions. Many people don’t want to rate an app they’re using until they’re actually satisfied. So, you can have the box appear after a purchase or a successful action when your users are most likely happy. 

How You Can Improve Your New Zealand Business’s Mobile App Right Now

KWD Apps is here for you if you’re interested in improving your app like never before. We specialise in services like mobile app development and know everything there’s to know about ASO, keyword research, effective app descriptions and titles and more.

Not sure if you want to work with us? No worries – have a look at our portfolio! Here, you can see plenty of examples of our previous successes. If you still have more questions, please give us a call at 0800 199 507

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