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Mobile App Development In New Zealand: Trends, Challenges And Opportunities For Businesses

Mobile app development remains a big topic worldwide, and it’s no different in New Zealand. A great app can boost your business’s reputation, please your customers and make your profits skyrocket. After all, who doesn’t love using a convenient and easy-to-use app to get their shopping, browsing or tasks done?

Regardless of what your business specialises in, you will surely benefit from having an excellent app developed for your company. 

Before you start looking for excellent mobile app developers, you should learn about the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities regarding app development.

Current Mobile App Development Trends To Pay Attention To In New Zealand

Like in search engine optimisation and website design, the best and trendiest app features constantly change. What was popular a year ago may not be so popular today, and your app might do better if your developers incorporate the hottest trends and features into its design.

For example, in 2023, some of the most popular qualities of mobile apps are:

AI Integration. Artificial intelligence has been a major topic in 2023, especially regarding digital marketing. So, intelligent mobile app developers know they can use these AI tools to make their mobile apps even better and more user-friendly. 

AI can improve your mobile app in a few ways. These include personalised recommendations and predictive analytics for individual users. 

Personalised recommendations are a very good thing to have in your app because they can help your customers find products and services they didn’t even know they wanted.

Personalisation. Would you rather use an app that feels unfamiliar or an app that you’re comfortable using and that you like to look at? Personalisation is a big thing in modern mobile apps. 

Personalisation can involve users switching their interface’s colour schemes or having other ways to make their app experience unique. For example, it’s currently very popular for apps to allow their users to change their screen’s theme from a light theme to a dark theme or vice versa. 

If you’re considering mobile app development in New Zealand, you should strongly consider this option because some users find light colour schemes difficult to look at, and some just prefer one style over the other. 

Easy Payment. Easy payment options mean it’s easier for your customers to purchase your goods and services, and thus your customers will be more inclined to indulge themselves. 

On the other hand, payment options that force you to jump through too many hoops can make people quit the process in frustration. 

A Few Challenges That Come Along With Mobile App Development

Mobile app development can be extremely rewarding, but it comes with some challenges you should be aware of.

A few of the biggest challenges facing mobile app developers in New Zealand are: 

Dealing With Battery Consumption. No one wants to use an app that drains their phone’s battery, no matter how convenient it is. This is especially true if the user is away from their charger because if their battery dies from your app, they’ll undoubtedly be frustrated.

App developers need to focus on creating helpful apps that use energy efficiently. 

Ensuring Security. App developers must always ensure that any important information their apps deal with is protected and secure to avoid information breaches.

Balancing Function And Design. You need your app to be easy to use and navigate, but you also need it to look wonderful. Balancing these qualities can sometimes be difficult. Additionally, leaning too hard into one over the other can lead to poor user experiences.

Why Every Business Needs A Well-Designed Mobile App

After learning all of these details, you might be thinking, ‘why does my business need an app in the first place? Why should I think about mobile app development in New Zealand if I don’t know how it’ll benefit me?’

Anyone wondering this should know that a fantastic mobile app can seriously help your business in many ways, including:

Brand Recognition. A fantastic app can boost your brand’s reputation and make your audience more aware of your presence. You can’t make any sales if people don’t know who you are! Get your brand out there with a wonderful app. 

Customer Satisfaction. Customers appreciate having a convenient and easy way to order their goods and services. Giving them a nice app that they can install and use is just giving them an easy stepping stone towards the happiness they can gain from your business. 

More Sales. Easier purchasing means more purchasing. People are far more likely to buy from businesses that are easier to access rather than buy from companies that require a bit more work to buy from. 

Do You Need An App For Your Company? Don’t Hesitate To Call Us Today!

As you can see, mobile app development in New Zealand is an incredibly complex world that can provide you with unbelievably wonderful apps that’ll make you and your valued customers happy. Do you want to enjoy all the exceptional benefits that come along with having a well-designed app? Then call us at KWD Apps!

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