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Web Development


Custom Web Developers

When off-the-shelf solutions don't cut it

With our custom web development services, anything is possible.

Start making your objectives a reality with a fully bespoke website solution.

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Achieving Online Growth

Supercharge your online strategy with a custom website that is truly right fit.

Customer Experiences that Get Results

We develop cutting-edge, customer-focused, and completely custom website and web application solutions.

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Get an indication of the results we can achieve for your business with our custom web development and design portfolio. Our proven track record dates back over ten years.

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Advance Build
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The Custom Web Development Difference

Stand out from the crowd and get the visual appearance and functionality you need.

  • Unique coding – we build websites using a blank slate, so your new site will have unique coding. That gives us much greater scope and freedom to deliver on your exact requirements, and it also allows for more creativity in the front-end development stage, including the UX and interface web design.
  • Advanced, Rich Functionality – every web developer on our team uses industry-best practice standards and cutting-edge techniques to create the features and functionality of your new website. Those features will make you stand out from the competition.
  • Scalability and Flexibility – the custom-built websites we build are easy to scale. They are also highly flexible, better equipping your business to respond to the market, take advantage of opportunities, and meet your client requirements.
Custom Website Development Expertise
Website Strategy Development
UX (User Experience) Design
User Interface & Website Design
E-Commerce Web Solutions
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Enterprise Website Development
Our Custom Website Development Process
Research, Strategy, Scoping

We'll spend time getting to know your business, what you want the new website to do, and what you want to achieve. We'll then develop a website strategy, and we'll define the project scope.

Wireframe, Concept, UX Design

Our developers, website designers, and UX experts will create the UX design as well as developing wireframes and concepts for your review and approval. The entire project will be supervised by a project manager.

Coding, Reviewing and Launching

We have extensive knowledge in a range of programming languages, including React JS & React Native, C# .Net, PHP and View.js. Using an agile development approach, we will develop the code with ongoing testing, reviews, and optimisations to enhance user experience and functionality. We’ll then launch your fully functional website, train your team, and provide support.

No Compromise Custom Website Development

Most websites are built using large computer programs and platforms designed to make the process easier and faster. This works for many organisations, but it has considerable drawbacks.

Websites built using a common platform often have to compromise on visual appearance and/or functionality, while most become bloated with unnecessary code and elements. Building custom websites is a purer approach where compromises are not necessary.

Instead, you can get a website that meets your precise expectations and requirements, from the backend workflows to the frontend appearance to the features and functionality.

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We Create What You Want

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t always take longer to build a fully custom website, particularly if you consider the website over its full lifecycle. Where there is some additional time in the early stages, this is because the team is creating truly right-fit features, rather than features that are just “good enough.”

Every custom website that we develop at KWD Apps is fully responsive, so they work on all devices and sizes of screen. We manually optimise the mobile version of your website, delivering better results than a website built using themes, plugins, and website development platforms.

The best websites are those that are continuously updated with new content, optimised, and improved. Therefore, ongoing support is a core part of the web development service that we offer. As with everything we do, we will tailor the support you receive according to your specified requirements.