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Software Development


Software Developer

Got a software project in mind?

Our custom software development services will ensure your business has the tools it needs.

Software solutions that are user-friendly, data-driven, scalable, flexible, code-optimised, and results-focused.

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Software Development Plus

We're not just software developers – we develop business solutions that deliver results in real-world conditions.

Your IP – Always

You will get a completely confidential service when you use KWD Apps, and your IP will remain 100% yours.

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At KWD Apps, we are tech industry leaders in developing custom software solutions for companies in a wide range of industries. This includes everything from software products and mobile apps to automation solutions to business management applications.

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Software Development Tailored to Your Needs

Software that does what you want, how you want it.

  • New Software Applications – whether you need a new software application to improve business workflows and processes, enhance the service you offer to customers, or market as a product, we've got the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality.
  • Modernising & Updating – we can also modernise and update existing software that your team is already familiar with using. This includes integrating existing software with other applications, optimising workflows, and making the software more suitable for the evolving needs of your business.
  • Extending and Enhancing Functionality – extending and enhancing the functionality of your existing software applications is an effective way of delivering on the requirements of your business. Our expert team of software developers has the capabilities to work with any computer code, any platform, and all operating systems.
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Our Software Development Process
Discovery, Prototyping, & UX Design

We’ll take the time to get to know your requirements, including speaking to those who will be the end-users of the software. We’ll also create a prototype and an initial UX design suitable for computers and mobile devices.

UX Refinement & Code Development

Using your feedback on the prototype and UX design, we will make any changes before starting the code development work. We use an agile development model with ongoing reviews and iterations.

Code Implementation, & Training

Ongoing testing is critical to agile development, helping our mobile applications and software developers get to the code refinement stage. We then implement the software application and provide your team with training and support.

Innovative Approach, Rapid Development Process, and Built-In Quality

The agile software development processes that we use, where developing, testing, and reviews happen continuously, foster innovation and the rapid achievement of milestones and goals.

You will be part of the process throughout, ensuring you have a full understanding of how the development project is progressing. Our focus, with the software application we are building for your business, will be on delivering on your objectives and maximising the experience of the software’s end users through quality web development.

We also have extensive business process expertise, helping you on your digital transformation journey and ensuring you remain competitive in the marketplace and relevant to your customers.

We Create What You Want

Frequently Asked Questions

We have broad experience with a variety of computer systems on our team, and we specialise in technologies that help us create best-in-class solutions for our customers. Our technology stack includes multiple computer programming languages like C#, .net, PHP, React, and React Native.

The extensive range of skills and expertise on our team means we can help with any requirement. That includes standard business software apps and computer programs such as CRM, POS, and ERP solutions. We also have big data, analytics, and data visualisation expertise, as well as experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and other cutting-edge technologies.

No, that is our area of expertise. We take an approach to software development that focuses on your business and the processes and workflows you want to improve, optimise, and automate. We’ll need you to be the experts in your business and customers while we look after the technical areas.

Quality considerations to ensure we maintain computer software properly are built into our processes from the start. With the multiple and regular iterations and software testing that are part of our agile development method, errors, bugs, and changes can be identified early, maintaining quality throughout the process. We also make sure to have the best people on our team for the job, including project management experts and senior developers.