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Six Reasons Why You Should Get a Mobile App For Your Business

Mobile App

If you are considering building a mobile app for your business, you have come to the right place. Investing in a new mobile app is a big undertaking, so before you get started, it is important to have a thorough understanding of why and how an app can benefit your business.

Very few people these days are going without a smartphone. According to Statista, there were more than 4.32 billion people (that is, 90% of global internet users) using mobile phones to access the internet in 2021. This presents a significant marketing opportunity for businesses to leverage to help reach targeted audiences and stay ahead of the competition.

And that is what we can help you with here at KWD Apps. Let us take you through some of the main reasons why your business needs to invest in a mobile app strategy.

1. Increase visibility to your customers

The average amount of time people spend on mobile phones is significant. According to BBC News, people spend a third of their waking hours using mobile apps. While the vast majority of this time is likely to be on a handful of apps, there is no denying that if your app is on your customer’s phones, they will see it several times a day. Through the mere exposure effect, the familiarity of your business will make your audience more comfortable with you – and more likely to keep coming back.

2. Create a direct channel

Providing your costumes with a mobile app about your business should give them access to all the information they need in one easy place. Make it easier for your customers to find booking forms, prices, general information, user accounts, messages, and news feeds – and it will be easier for you to deliver more sales and marketing. Push notifications are another excellent way to directly interact with your users.

3. Give your customers what they want

As we have already emphasised, a lot of people are spending a lot of time using mobile devices. Digitising your loyalty programme is an excellent way to provide value to your customers and help them collect rewards, without having to worry about old-fashioned point-collection cards that are easily lost. Give this to your customers, and you can get more return customers and more downloads.

4. Increase customer engagement and loyalty

Providing your customers with a mobile app for your business gives them an easy, hassle-free means of contacting you. You could include a help desk or messaging feature to enhance the way your customers interact with your business. Whether you run a building service or a clothing store, giving your customers a chance to communicate with you via text rather than via phone will make them much more likely to reach out.

The critical thing that you should be looking for when engaging in mobile app development for your business is earning loyal customers. There are so many forms of advertising out there, including billboards, banners, social media ads, websites, email marketing, and more, that it is more challenging than ever to have an impact on potential customers. Mobile apps are an excellent way to keep your customers engaged and keep coming back to you.

5. Build your brand

With a mobile app, you can significantly increase your overall brand awareness. Mobile apps are engaging, interactive forms of advertising that provide you with a lot of room to get creative and do what you want. Your app can be bold, functional, stylish or simple, depending on your preferences, how you want to present your brand, and how you think your customers will respond best.

Further, the more you can get your customers to engage with your app, the more likely they will be to invest in your products or services. Enough repetition of information about your brand will stick in your customers’ minds and encourage them to pick you.

6. Stay ahead of your competitors

Many small to medium-sized businesses have not yet caught on to the advantages of using mobile apps to target their audiences. By being among the first in your field to do so, you can prove the relevancy of your offering and get the edge over your competitors.

Where to get premium-quality mobile app development services

If you want to improve the relevancy, frequency, and quality of your customer engagement, developing an app for your business is an investment you should seriously consider. Customers are looking for familiar, easy businesses to deal with, and with a mobile app, that can be you.

Here at KWD Apps, our priority is to help your business succeed. Over the last ten years, we have helped digitalise thousands of businesses through website development, app development, Shopify integrations, and more.
Take the opportunity to expand your offering as the world becomes more digital and build your digital future with KWD Apps.