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The Future Of Mobile App Development: Predictions And Insights

We can do so much with our smartphones. We can play fun games to take our minds off of things, research important and serious topics, order delicious food and even place orders for groceries. So, something that’s on a lot of people’s minds when thinking about mobile app development is ‘What’s next?’

Emerging technologies can seriously affect future trends that will impact all of our lives. The newer tech that’s still being improved, like AR and AI, is being harnessed to create wonderful user experiences for all sorts of different reasons. 

What should you expect from mobile apps in the future? There are certain trends and app development frameworks that are on the rise, and these should be paid attention to.

What We Expect In The Future For Mobile App Development

Many new trends are emerging with so many companies smartly taking a mobile-first approach. New Zealand companies have been getting mobile apps developed to help their services reach more and more customers in Auckland and beyond. 

Having an app developed is a very good move because it makes your business more accessible, and you can easily get the process started by talking to us at KWD Apps.

Looking at the current trends with the most popular mobile apps of today, we can see that these topics may continue to be used now and in the future:

AR And VR. AR and VR, or augmented reality and virtual reality, used to seem like something that only existed in sci-fi movies and fiction novels – but now it’s certainly a much-loved technology of today. Apps are now using AR and VR to provide entertainment to users as well as to improve shopping experiences. The technology isn’t perfect yet, but it’s on the rise and extremely prominent in the digital world. 

AR and VR allow you to see models and displays as if you were there, and they can help you place yourself in a space that’s not really right in front of you. These emerging technologies will surely improve in the future. 

Food And Grocery Delivery Apps. Many people are working from their homes due to relatively recent world events, so more people are looking for delivery solutions that allow them to enjoy food at home. Food delivery has always been popular, but now you can conveniently order nearly anything you want from your phone. 

Grocery delivery is relatively recent when compared to having takeaway food delivered, and it helps people at home get the groceries they need for their households. 

Streamlined Payment Options. Businesses that take a mobile-first approach know that having a streamlined payment option is a must. You want to offer your users an experience that’s easy, convenient and has excellent user privacy. You want your app to be connected to a payment service that’s integrated to provide your customers with a great experience.

Easy payment options can make your customers happier and encourage them to spend more. If purchasing your services is frustrating or takes too long, your customers may look for another company to buy from. 

Quality Mobile-Based Entertainment. We all know that your smartphone’s app store can be a great source of entertainment. Little puzzle games and idle-based games have been popular for many years, but the world of mobile gaming is so much more now than it was in the past. You can now find games with exceptional graphics, advanced features and AR and VR elements right from the app store. 

These games show that advanced mobile gaming will continue to be a popular thing in mobile app development and in future trends. 

More Ecommerce. Like how people are ordering food more from their phones, people are also purchasing more items online. E-commerce is an easy and quick way to order what you need right when you need to. E-commerce businesses should strongly consider having an app developed to boost customer experience and encourage brand loyalty. 

Better Mobile Security. User privacy should always be a concern for any mobile app developer. Depending on your app, you may need to ask for important information (such as payment information), and you never want to put this information in jeopardy. Poor security puts your users and your company at risk. 

Therefore, people will always seek to use emerging technologies and tried and true methods to protect their users from malicious people. 

How To Stay On Top Of Future Trends Regarding Mobile Apps

A great thing you can do if you want to take a mobile-first approach with your business is to work with mobile app developers who pay attention to popular trends and new tech – and with KWD Apps, you’re getting just that! We’ve helped countless New Zealand companies with their apps, and we can help you as well. 

Please give us a call at 0800 199 507, or visit our website, to reach our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Make sure your business stays ahead of your competition with KWD Apps.